Applying for an HPC account

Please read the policies before submitting an application for an HPC account on the cluster.

To apply for a new HPC account or an allocation, please submit a request through our online support portal at [The Account Management Portal (AMP) mentioned in the user accounts section is under development and not currently available.]

For a first-time PI to set up an allocation, there is a questionnaire to fill out with additional details such as Project detail, group research activities on the cluster, computational methodologies used, software needs, initial resource request if known(core hrs/storage, GPU, CPU), type of resources(HPC/Cloud/VMs), etc.

For external users (external collaborators, workshops, etc.), a linkblue account must be created for each external user before an HPC account can be created.  This request must be submitted to UKITS; please see the documentation at How to request an External Customer UKID or linkblue (  Once linkblue accounts are available, submit a request through our online support portal at

Once your allocation is set up and the project created, the PI and all members in their project will receive an email with instructions on how to access the cluster and available resources such as compute, storage, etc.

Please note that our HPC resources do not meet the definition of a HIPAA-covered entity. Users cannot store PHI(protected health information) on any HPC resources. There is no restriction on the use of de-identified health information.

Center for Computational Sciences