CCS Policies

These page offers information about CCS Policies for obtaining User accounts, creating Projects, and requesting access to Resources on UK's computational research infrastructure.  

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

 How are resources allocated?

Resources are given to PIs on Projects.  Some resources (startup) resources are given automatically, other resources (meritorious) require a proposal requesting resources, other resources are purchased by the PI via buy-in to the condo.  For additional details, see Resource Allocations.

 What is the scheduling policy?

Scheduling of jobs depends on the priority of the allocation used to run the jobs.  For example, Allocations given to Condo Users have the highest priority.   Allocations for Meritorious research and approved classes have the next highest, while open access allocations available to everyone have the lowest priority.  See Scheduling Policies for additional information.

 What are Guard Rails and how do they affect my use of resources?

Guard Rails are limits placed on compute time and storage that prevent any User or Project from unintentionally (or intentionally) using an excessive amount of a resource.  See Guard Rails constraints for additional information.

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